Coach Selection

Updated Thursday January 17, 2013 by Knapp Ranch Baseball.


REV 1/2013

Coach Selection Process


The Parents of Knapp Ranch baseball understands the importance of having the best possible coaches for our program.  Without outstanding coaches our program fails to carry out our mission.  Therefore, we will strive to use all possible information to determine the best coaching candidates for the limited spaces available.  The following process will be followed for all potential candidates.

1.     Division Representatives will compile a list of ALL candidates requesting to be head coaches in their respective divisions.  If there are new candidates to the program, individuals who we have no prior experience with, then the Division Representative will contact those candidates and interview them as to their experience and understanding of the Knapp Ranch mission statement.

2.     Division Reps will bring the list of ALL candidates to a pre-tryout board meeting.  At that time each candidate will be discussed and all available data (i.e. parent reviews, umpire reviews, incident reports and any other pertinent input) will be reviewed on each candidate.  After a proper vetting of all candidates in a division the board will vote one by one on each candidate as to their qualification to coach.  At the end of this process should there be more coaches available than slots, preference will be given to returning coaches.  If after that there are still too many coaches the board will re-review the candidates and narrow them down to the final selections through a second vote.  A quorum is required for all coach selection votes.

3.     Candidates who are not selected may request a meeting with the executive board to review the decision, the minutes regarding all votes associated with the candidate, and any information that was used to make the selection.

4.     Division Reps will then make every effort to pair up qualified coaches who were not selected as co-coaches or assistant coaches.

5.     Decisions rendered by the board are final.


Coach Discipline Procedures


The following policy and procedure will be used to discipline coaches who are ejected from a game or who display behavior in violation of the Knapp Ranch Code of Conduct.

1.     Any coach ejected from a game by an umpire or league official will automatically be suspended from their team’s next game.  Additionally, they may not attend the game as a spectator.

2.     Any coach who refuses to leave the field after an ejection, threatens or touches an umpire during an argument, uses profanity that leads to ejection, or threatens another coach, player, parent or fan, or grossly violates the Coach’s Code of Conduct must have a hearing in front of the Parents of Knapp Ranch Board of Directors.  That meeting will be scheduled as quickly as possible to resolve the issue and in order to assure a quorum, but must be held within 7 days of the incident.  The coach may not coach again until that hearing is held.  At that time all evidence and witnesses will be called to determine what penalty, if any, will be assessed.  Written statements from witnesses will be accepted as evidence in lieu of attendance in order to expedite the hearing.  The Board will have the right to impose any penalty it deems necessary to insure the integrity of the program and the safety and well being of the participants.  This may include suspension or removal of the coach from his/her coaching duties.

3.     Any and all decisions made by the Board are final and may not be appealed.